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Flipped Middle School?

So, what do you think?  Is the Flip concept workable for a middle school?

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  • rchrdbtnr TeacherEffectivenessFounding
    Flipped Middle School?

    A week ago I posted this question hoping to gain some insight into what my collegues were thinking on this topic.  My reasons for asking were:

    1) is it possible in _your_ experience that a 7th grader could be shown the self discipline to use the new model, and

    2) after teaching high school kids who are at risk of, or have, dropped out and seeing the skills they bring with them can we do better in the middle grades to do more than just teach, but actually achieve learning?

    With the successes that this model has seen over the last couple years, one would think so, but these are older kids for the most part. 


    So, how about it?

  • liztrimaloff TeacherEffectiveness
    Flipped Middle School?

    So, I held off chiming in, as this is such a great question.  In your second post, I think that you have answered the question for yourself - in your experience flipping the classroom really empowers students.  I sifted through twitter, and there isn't anything definitive, so I tweeted your question again.  There are two hashtags for this: #FlippedClassroom and #FlipClass.  Middle School seems to have this #MidLevEd.  Hopefully we can get some input and perspectives.