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Math - Khan Academy

I teach a multi-grade class, grades four and five.  I am building holistic, project-based STEAM curricula.  I have found that teaching two of almost every subject is exhausting and not as effective as I want it to be, so I am considering supplementing student math concept and skill learning with Khan Academy tutorials and practices.  I really like the graphic visuals that students see to track their progress and I like the class reports for the teacher.  Has anyone used this free site, if so will you give me some feed back:)  Thanks

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  • liztrimaloff TeacherEffectiveness
    Math - Khan Academy

    HI Frances-


    I was looking into your question and found a blog post from David Andrade, a Physic teacher, who is not a big fan of the Khan Academy videos.


    I am really interested in what everyone has to say about David's perspective and feelings about PBL, interactivity and the Flipped Classroom.

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    Math - Khan Academy

    While you're looking into Khan Academy, make sure you check out their free, highly-recommended app that works with both iPhones and iPads. You can download it from iTunes here.





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    Re: Math - Khan Academy

    At our school, our teachers have made their own "Khan"-like videos by recording themselves the night before.  It's difficult to teach the lessons in real time, two-at-a-time because you are also focused on discipline and students questions.  (We sometimes have algebra and advanced algebra students in the same classroom due to budget restrictions). 


    We have found that creating videos the night before of ourselves teaching the lesson, creates an atmosphere where the students can watch it on their computers pausing when they need to jot down notes and rewinding when they need clarification.  We encourage them to create informed questions when they raise their hands rather than "I don't get this" so that eventually hopefully they can start answering their own questions. 


    For the first year, this is a lot of work for the teacher, but eventually it will be less and less as the videos are perfected and able to be repeated.  What are your thought?