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School Technology Programs



I am on the technology committee at my high school.  We are looking at all possibilities for the future (1:1 laptops, iPads, continuing mobile carts, etc.)  I would appreciate hearing from teachers currently in a 1:1 laptop program or an iPad program to hear the pros and cons of such programs.


Our committee has visited school currently using 1:1 laptops but I will not visit an iPad school until November.


Thank you for any feedback and happy weekend!

Robyn Lombardo

Cabrini High School

New Orleans, LA

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    School Technology Programs
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    School Technology Programs

    personally I would stay away from iPads in school as a clas set. They are fantastic for kids to use don't get me wrong. I love my own one. BUT for schools you have to constantly synch them, attach them to one computer, storage issues, storing video and files if they are a class set can be an issue. If they had a usb it would solve many hassles. I feel tablets with attached or detachable keyboars are a better option they can do a fair bit more withot having been tied to itunes and connected to the net to exchange files